Cisco Certified Architect

Cisco announced a brand new certificate that exceed the level of skills needed to achieve CCIE. The newly announced Cisco Certified Architect certification recognizes the architectural experience and competency of network designers who can support the increasingly complex networks of global organizations and effectively translate business strategies into evolutionary technical strategies.

The Cisco Certified Architect certification is scheduled to be made available January 2010.

Cisco Certified Architect Certification Process

* The Cisco Certified Architect certification will be administered as a board exam.
* Candidates will propose and defend an architecture solution to a set of business requirements, and the candidates will be asked to modify their proposals "on the fly," based on additional requirements presented by the board.
* Prerequisites include a CCDE certification, approximately 10 years of industry experience, and acceptance into the program via an application process.

Cisco Certified Architect Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Cisco Certified Architect

* Lead creation and evolution of enterprise architecture
* Analyze technology and industry market trends
* Establish governing principles for Enterprise networks
* Selection of technology and products
* Identification of organization resource needs
* Lead the development of communication and education plan for enterprise network architecture