Cisco Certified Security Professional - CCSP

The CCSP certification is an advanced network security certification. Candidates for the certification are tested for advanced knowledge of various Cisco security products.

To attain this certification several tests must be passed in the areas of VPN, IDS, PIX firewall, Secure IOS, the Cisco SAFE, as well as having a CCNA or higher level certification (e.g. CCNP or CCIP).

The common practice is to take four exams, one of which is selected from a list of electives.

Required Exams:

* 642-504 SNRS: Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches
* 642-524 SNAF: Securing Networks with ASA Foundation
* 642-533 IPS: Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System

And one of the following:

* 642-591 CANAC: Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance
* 642-545 MARS: Implementing Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System
* 642-515 SNAA: Securing Networks with ASA Advanced