CCNA 1 Module 7 Exam Result

CCNA 3.1 Semester 1 Module 7 Exam Result met 100% (use ctrl+f for faster search)

1 Which Ethernet standard does the IEEE 802.3 standard recommend for backbone installations?

2 Which statements describe Gigabit Ethernet technology? (Choose two.)
*typically used for backbone cabling
*can be implemented over copper and fiber

3 Which of the following are Fast Ethernet technologies? (Choose two.)

4 To make sure timing limitations are not violated when implementing a 10 Mbps Ethernet network involving hubs or repeaters, a technician should adhere to which rule?
*the 5-4-3 rule

5 At which OSI layer do the differences between standard Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet occur?
*physical layer

6 How does 1000BASE-T use the UTP wire pairs to accomplish transmission?
*all four pairs are used in parallel by both hosts to transmit and receive simultaneously

7 What RJ-45 pins are unused when transmitting and receiving data in an Ethernet 100BASE-T Category 5 UTP cable? (Choose two.)
*4 and 5
*7 and 8

8 What is the maximum distance that 10BASE-T will transmit data before signal attenuation affects the data delivery?
*100 meters

9 Which media types can be used in an implementation of a 10BASE-T network? (Choose three.)
*Category 5 UTP
*Category 5e UTP
*Category 3 UTP

10 Which of the following Ethernet technologies are considered legacy Ethernet? (Choose three.) *10BASE2


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